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Dr. Amy Harper

  • Education –
    • East Carolina University- BS Biology University Honors – Magna Cum Laude

      Dr. Amy Harper

    • Pennsylvania College of Optometry- BS Visual Sciences and Doctor of Optometry
  • Specialty/Expertise –
    • Primary Care Optometry and Pediatrics
  • When did you know that you wanted to be an optometrist –
    • I have known since third grade when I received my first pair of glasses. The instant gratification of helping patients improve their vision reminds me how dramatically seeing clearly changed my life.  I still love watching a child’s face as they see details they have missed before.
  • Favorite part of being an optometrist –
    • I love the intimate ways I get to know my patients, what is going on in their lives and families.  I love

      Dr. Harper & family.

      living with a sense of community- everyone helping one another  using their own gifts and talents.  Life changes if you can’t see and helping preserve vision is incredibly rewarding for me!

  • Favorite vacation –
    • I love the beach!  Hearing the surf instantly lowers my blood pressure, and it’s the place where I feel closest to God.  Really anywhere with my family is fine with me!
  • Favorite concert you’ve been to – 
    • I enjoy listening to Christian music, so most recent concerts have included Natalie Grant, New Song, And Mark Shultz
  • Do you have any pets – 
    • We had the best dog, “Pickle”, a Boston Terrier who was named after me!
  • Fun fact –
    • On a middle school field trip, we visited a Pizza Inn buffet, and I was challenged to a pizza eating contest; I smoked my competition finishing 24 pieces of pizza.